Modern Warfare: The Prequel Is the prequel to Modern Warfare 2. It will feature the beginings of TF141 and how it came to be. It will also feature Makarov's rise to power.

Task Force 141Edit

TF141 was created in 2011 because of the sudden spike in terrorisom after Osama Bin Laden's death. In mid-october of 2011 the US war office decided to create a top secret elite force dedicated to covert missions such as search and destroy, capturing high value targets,and interrogations. The war office was ecstatic because of the force's extremly low casualties and high success in their covert operations. After America's withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the team saw limited action. The war office saw that TF141 wasn't as active as it was. They unclassified the unit only keeping their operitives names classified (the operatives' code names were unclassified) and welcomed other highly trained operatives from other North Atlantic Treaty Organization friendly countries such as United Kingdom, France, Italy, Tanzania, and other countries.

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