"The world is grown up.Middle East have built new buildings and modernised the capital cities.Euro-American Union and Red Star are appeared.But past... is never forgotten.Someone have hated the capitalism,communism and radical Pan-Islamism.They want to create new world with none of our politicals.Because of their or our past sins,blood had spoiled everywhere and everyone had got killed.The past is going after us now.Why are we attacking with no reason?I'm gonna learn sooner or later."

-Fionna "Babydoll" Yarmouth's speech in reveal trailer-





List of Campaign MissionsEdit


  • B:F.D.:Complete of the military training such as shooting,close combat,knifing and train Soap how to fight.
  • D.O.M.:Infiltrate the hidden weaponry.
  • The Truth:Earn about the Illuminati Force.


  • Young Professor:Rescue and secure Professor Doctor Sabrina Parzani
  • Persian Charlie:

List of Characters in Call of Duty: First GameEdit


  • Fionna "Babydoll" Yarmouth:First playable female character.She's expert in training someone(voiced by Emily Browning)
  • John "Soap" MacTavish:Second playable Scottish SAS member(voiced by Kevin McKidd)
  • Captain John Price:Expert SAS Leader(voiced by Billy Murray)
  • Lt.Simon "Ghost" Riley:LMG Expert SAS Member(voiced by Craig Fairbass)

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