Call of Duty: Endgame is a videogame that takes place in 2016-2031, during World War IV. It is avialable for Xbox and PlayStation.

Plot Edit

Campaign Levels Edit

Act 1 Edit

  • Rising Sun (Kyushu Island, Japan, 2018) - The player takes control of a USMC corporal fighting against the Japanese resistance. Fighting in a small town, the US forces make their way to the centre of the town with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF). After capturing the town hall, they kill the resistance leaders, ending the civil war.
  • Malicious Intent (Campo Grande, Brazil, 2019) - The player, as a member of the pro-US Brazilian State terrorists, fights against Brazilian government forces in a southern city. After failing to defend a city, the remnants retreat into the country side. The player is killed by the Brazilian Air Force shortly afterwards.
  • Island Hopping (Kuching, Malaysia, 2019) -

Characters Edit

Russia Edit

China Edit

Brazil Edit

  • Captain Mario - An army officer that fights against the NATO forces in the Americas; playable character.
  • Recruit Antonio - Terrorist recruit in a pro-US Brazilian organization. Killed by Brazilian forces; playable character,

US Edit

  • General Briggs - Leader of the US military by 2025. Commands the US offensive against SCO forces.
  • Corporal Mason - Soldier that fought against the Japanese resistance. A playable character.

Guns Edit

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