Call of Duty: Dark Assassin is the 10th major installment in the Call of Duty series. It conssts of 18 missions. It starts off in Peru and Ends in Bangkok. It is barley related to any other series. It takes place 5 months after Makarov is killed

Act 1

Leopard, a SEAL operator wakes up in the USS Gerald R. Ford. He and his squad is assigned a mission to sabotage a power station in a town controlled by Inner-Circle and Al-Qaida backed terrorists. You take the drill as you learn the controls. After sabotaging the power supply, a teammate, Code-Named Tractor goes missing. Your team was forced to abbandon him to get to the extration point. Meanwhile, you play as a Polish GROM soldier code-named Fulcrum attacks a convoy and chases one of Makarov's assisstants. After a chase in the countryside, your commander, code-named Laser captures him. As you load his body into your Jeep, he detonates charges which is on another Jeep of yours. It explodes. As everyone in your Jeep tries to save some people, he runs and kills a few of your comerades. Then, there is a un-skippable cut-scene where there is a news show talking about how the assisstant becomes dubbed the Dark Assassin as he killed many government agents. Then, it goes back to Peru when your team is heavily outgunned by the surviving miltants. Despite that, your team was able to break through the lines of the miltants and get extracted by a CH-53K.

Act 2

As you get ready for a recon operation in the Gerald R. Ford, your commander, code-named Strangler gets intel that Tractor might be missing because of the Dark Assassin. Enraged, he vows to kill him whatsoever. As you conduct the recon mission, you see the Dark Assassin. You shoot him but it missed. Ad he saw the bullet hit the ground, he runs into a Hummer and tries to escape.


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