Call Of Duty: The Winter Soldier is the 14th game in the Call Of Duty series, and details what happened to Norman Carver after the plane crash in the end of Battle Of Nations.


The game starts in 2027, at the end of Battle Of Nations when Norman Carver fights the leader of IDENTITY, Alexander Pierce, on a plane. Norman fights Pierce, and stabs him, but Pierce pulls the pin on a grenade, and Norman jumps away. The grenade explodes and creates a vacuum that flings Pierce out of the plane. Norman then tries to get out of the plane, but finds out he has to land it in the woods, and he pulls the plane up just in time, but it hits the ground and explodes, and Norman gets flung out of the exploding plane, and he has burns all over him. After he lands in the snow, the plane's turbine engine then flies in the air, and Norman turns onto his back and screams as the turbine lands on him and explodes, and the turbine blades then cut him up, and a huge explosion occurs.

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