Call Of Duty: Evil Reawakens is the 12th installment in the Call Of Duty series, and the 1st game in the World War III series. It follows Victor Reznov and a whole cast of other characters as they hunt down the remains of the Nazi Empire. The game has many new weapons introduced, including the MP40-X Submachine Gun, and the GRU57 Assault Rifle.


The trailer opens with a shot of Texas, as the Nazi Leader says "We have reawakened... Have you sensed it?".

Suddenly, the main character, William Pearce, pops up and is in a shocked state as he runs towards a car. The game then shows a few scenes of action, with bullets flying everywhere, explosions hitting tanks, and people dying all around.

It then shows Nazi Soldiers with Advanced Armor on, and the Nazi Soldiers pull out MP40-X Submachine Guns, and it shows a car chase, a plane battle, and soldiers fighting in New York City.

It then switches to the forest, where a mysterious hooded figure walks through a blizzard. The hooded figure then narrates "Ever since Hitler's death, we have lived in the shadows, for 44 years!!!" and the figure whips out a Machete, which then turns into a flamed sword. The figure then says "We will hide no longer..." as the text CALL OF DUTY: EVIL REAWAKENS appears in flames.


The game opens at the end of Call Of Duty: World At War, where the final battle for Berlin is taking place, and the city is absolutely devastated by WWII's battles across Europe and the Pacific Ocean. The Nazi Army is then beaten back by Russian soldiers and the Russian Flags fly over Berlin, and the Americans drop the nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It then shows the text that says "After World War II, the world was now in ruins. Millions of people had to rebuild their nations and find peace and justice within the world." and the screen turns to black.

It then switches to the year 1989, where the main protagonist William Pearce is driving in the cornfields of Texas. He goes to his house, where he is called by the 75 year old Viktor Reznov. Reznov offers him a position in his elite squad, the Freedom Fighters. Pearce then asks where to meet Reznov, and Reznov tells him to go to 17th on 5th Avenue, by the fields.

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