The CH-47 Chinook is an American twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. It is used primarily by the US Military and the Royal Air Force as a heavy-lift and troop transport. The CH-47 is among the heaviest lifting Western helicopters.

In Call of Duty: Red DawnEdit

The CH-47 appears in several campaign missions of Red Dawn. It first appears in "Lockdown" as the helicopter that Task Force 141 recovers Hunter 2-1 in.

Several CH-47's are seen at Colonel Meares' privately-owned military surplus district in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CH-47's are seen airdropping American reinforcements during the "Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath", "Delta Delta", "Hunter's Retreat", "Recovery", and "Objective Victor" levels.

The last time the CH-47's are seen in the campaign are in "Permaneo Venatus", the last campaign level, where several of them are delivering TF-141 operatives to Karlštejn Castle.

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