Burn it Down
Burn it Down

Description Escape the burning field in less then 90 seconds

Gamer Score 20G
Trophy Type Silver

Burn it Down would be an easy achievement to get if the field in question was not crawling with enemies and the fact that the player is unable to shoot back when carrying Private 1st Class Redueriis.

Burn it Down

The Icon for the 'Burn it Down' Achievement

A good place to start is following the way point to the edge of the field and not worrying about enemy encounters especially if playing on Normal or Recruit difficulty. On Hardened and Veteran meeting up with the Cartel members in the field is a different story. In this case the player may want to put Redueriis down, using the interact button, and fight off the attackers before picking him back up. For this kind of confrontation it is recommended to pick up either a SPAS-12 or a MAC-10 before entering the field to deal with such close quarters encounters. A word of warning for those that chose this tactic, while being carried Redueriis is un-killable but while on the ground he takes damage from enemy projectiles and the raging fire. Also remember that the fire is an ally and an enemy in this case and in some encounters the smoke and flames will shield you from the enemies sight allowing the player to slip past unnoticed.

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