The Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) is a species of shark that lives in temperate and tropical waters feeding mainly on fish and squid. Often travelling in packs these ‘wolves of the sea’ reach lengths of almost 4 meters and can be found as far north as Norway and as far South as the tip of Chile and the Falklands. While not considered an aggressive species there are recorded fatalities from Blue Shark Attacks.


The Blue Shark

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


Blue Sharks appear in the level Recent History where a pack of four sharks are attracted by the smell of blood and attack the player and their allies killing the TF-141 Operative Mako. The player must fight off the sharks using ASM-DT Amphibious Rifles and WASP Injection Knives. More Blue Sharks can be seen at the end of the level as the TF-141 Command Submarine ‘Deep Control’ rams the TF-141 Dock Complex eating Shadow Company soldiers leaping into the water to escape the imminent explosion. Later in One Minute on the Clock, Makarov is eaten by a Blue Shark after he falls off the deck of a Houbei class Missile Boat after being shot by Captain Price

Shark AttackEdit

Like most sharks the Blue Shark favours the ‘bump and bite tactic’ which is clearly shown in the game. After the initial low damaging bump the shark will begin the attack in earnest and will race towards the player who will be given a prompt to tap the right stick to knife the shark and survive. If the player strikes to early the shark will flee knocking the player’s breathing apparatus out, to late and the shark starts eating the player. Successful surviving a Shark Attack on any difficulty in the Campaign or Spec Ops rewards the player with the Just when you thought it was safe Achievement.

Just When You

The Icon for the 'Just When You Thought It Was Safe' Achievment

Spec OpsEdit

Blue Sharks reapper in the Spec Ops Mission Fathom where they attack the player and enemy Shadow Company Units. The sharks appear to be more prevalent then they were in Campaign but less aggressive.


Blue Sharks appear in the map Storage as a neutral enemy found in the harbor. It is unkown if they are killable and if they are, count towards achieving killstreaks. A dead Blue Shark can also be found strung up in the same Multiplayer Map.


The Blue Sharks are oddly aggressive there have been few reported attacks on humans by this species

It is ironic that Mako, named after the Mako Shark, was killed by a Blue Shark

More Blue Sharks can be seen in the background in Recent History but don’t approach the player despite the amount of blood in the water.

Despite their large size being ‘bumped’ by a shark does very little damage and doesn’t move the player

The Blue Shark is the largest enemy the player faces in COD without it being classed as a vehicle

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