The Bandvagn 206S is a variant of the Bandvagn 206 designed to act as an APC and is composed of two units connected to each other. Like all the Bandvagn 206 series the 206S is primarily used to travel over difficult terrain such as marshland and snow as well as being able to cross water.


A Bandvagn 206S

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

The Bandvagn 206S first appears in Safe Haven where Shadow Company Units use the vehicle to reach the TF-141 overlook position. Due to Onyx having used all the ammo for her MILAN AT Launcher the TF-141 were forced to base-jump down into the Russian Relay Base. Near the end of the level the TF-141 discover a second Bandvagn with a mounted Heavy Machine Gun which they use to outrun persuing Snowmobiles and an Mi-8 ‘Hip’. As they reach Nikolai’s Mi-26 ‘Halo’ the Bandvagn is severally damaged by an RPG-7 with an operative named Echo killed in the following explosion.

More Bandvagn’s appear in the level Confidential Material where they patrol the Everglades, being able to move on marshy ground and water, carrying Shadow Company patrols. After acquiring a Little Bird UAV, Soap uses the helicopter to destroy several Bandvagns before being shot down by a Bandvagn with a mounted 40mm Bofors Gun. Later after Soap and Price have stolen the records and reached Nikolai’s Griffon 2000TD a Bandvagn is used, by Shadow Company, as a roadblock but is destroyed by Soap wielding an AT4-HS.


A rusted Bandvagn can be seen on the Multiplayer Map Glades in one of the rivers that bisect the map. A Bandvagn can also be seen next to a SAM battery on the map Lock Down


The Bandvagn has more skins then any other vehicle in Call of Duty: Endgame. There are Five in total; a swamp camo APC, swamp camo AA Vehicle, arctic camo APC, arctic camo APC w/ Machine Gun and a woodland camo APC that is never seen in the game but is coded.

Despite not appearing in Modern Warfare 2 a Bandvagn can be seen on the map Lock Down which is based of the Campaign Mission The Gulag


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