Axis Power
[[image:Nazi Flag|px|center|Nazi Flag]]
US Date Released
12th August 2009
UK Date Released
12th August 2009
Game modes:
Campaign, Nazi Zombies (part of Campaign)
ESRB rating:
*Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
  • PC

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The Axis Power Expansion Pack is an Expansion DLC for the game, Call of Duty: World at War. The expansion pack features a whole new campaign which revolves around playing a Japanese soldier, and a Wehrmacht Soldier. The expansion is a 'what if' campaign which means 'what if the Axis won the war?'. There are 11 Japanese Mission and 10 Wehrmacht missions in the expansion. The Expansion costs excatly 1000 Microsoft Points off the Xbox Live marketplace, and the equivilant amount for the Playerstation 3 and the PC is downloadable off the internet. Several battles are featured in this expansion, but for the Japanese campaign it is set in reclaiming the islands lost to America until after the Battle of Okinawa but the Third Reich (Nazi Germany), has been winning the entire war. This has two new Nazi Zombie missions also, Trench Warfare, which is set on Peleliu killing zombified Americans, and Stalingrad Verruckt Asylum, which is set in an Assylum in Stalingrad, in which the player must defeat Zombified Soviets.


  • Campaign: Avalible in the Campaign Menu, it will say from now on Axis Campaign and Allied Campaign.
  • Co-op Campaign: Avalible as a playlist, saying Axis Power Competetive and Cooperative Campaign before Nazi Zombies.
  • Nazi Zombies: Is just the same as the original Nazi Zombies maps, Trench Warfare comes first underneath Der Riese, and then Stalingras Verruckt Asylum.
  • New Weapons
  • New Unlockable Multiplayer Weapons.
  • New Unlockables on certain weapons.
  • New Pack-a-Punch machine weapons.