A map of Afghanistan is shown.

COMMAND: Revere. We have a new mission for your team.

REVERE: Yes, Command.

COMMAND: A British SBS has secured information that a former IRA member, Jonah Thorpe, has been a part of several deals with Titanium Shipping. CIA teams have located him at Abdullah Firebase in Western Afghanistan.

The map zooms in on this location, show a large base with buildings of different sizes in it.

COMMAND: We are sending a Marine division to find him. We're sending your team as well, along with Delta Force team Sandstone.

REVERE: What are we up against?

COMMAND: Seems like Titanium has the OpFor serving them. You're fighting them, along with other mercanaries and Thorpe's IRA guard.

REVERE: I'll ready the team.

Cutscene ends.

After clearing through some smoke Hops and Revere are sitting in one Little Bird among hundreds.

REVERE: We're entering the base right now.

KEEPER: Jeez, check out all the missiles!

RPGs and SAMs begin taking out helicopters.

SPARTAN: Our birds are getting shot out of the sky!

COMMAND: ISA team, we are sending to destroy those batteries. Repel out the Little Bird now.

REVERE: Solid copy. Everybody, out.

They rope out of the helicopter and run toward a building.

REVERE: All here. Hops, plant a breaching charge.

Hops plants the breaching charge and door blows open.

KEEPER: Clear right!

SPARTAN: Clear left!

REVERE: Move up to the next floor.

KEEPER: Contact!

A firefight erupts, but the ISA team clears the room.

REVERE: Their done, onto the roof.

SPARTAN: Throwing a flashbang!

The ISA dispatches the soldiers manning the turrets.

REVERE: Hops, plant some charges on those turrets,

Hops plants the charges and destroys the turrets.

KEEPER: Objective complete.

REVERE: Not yet. Our birds aren't gonna make it past those RPGs. C'mon, down the fire escape.

The team runs down the fire escape. As soon as they make it to the ground, enemies appear.

REVERE: Take 'em down!

The enemies are killed.

REVERE: Into that building, let's go!

The squad enters the building and run up stairs, taking out several OpFor soldiers. They come to a window overlooking RPG teams.

REVERE: We need to snipe them before they destroy all the helicopters. Hops, on the sniper rifle!

Hops mans the sniper rifle and kills all the RPG teams.

REVERE: Good shot! Command, we've destroyed their turrets and RPGs.

COMMAND: Roger that, sending a helicopter to you now.

The team boards the helicopter and Hops mans the machine gun.

REVERE: Hops, if you see any targets take them down.

Hops begins shooting at the ground.

PILOT: Incoming, incoming!

An RPG explodes near the helicopter, sending it on its side.

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