Private Albus is an allied NPC Character who appears in the level Supply and Demand. He has a small goatee and a tattoo on his right arm just above his hand and is the only allied soldier in the level to have ghille camouflage.

Call of Duty EndgameEdit

Albus is a character found Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame appearing only in the level Supply and Demand to hunt the drug lord Eduardo Perez. Albus’s rank is Private and he appears to be the teams sniper using an M14 EBR with an attached Heartbeat Sensor . After following Captain Marcellus and Seargent Cortez into the Plantation House Albus was killed while setting up an overwatch position by an enemy sniper. The allegiance of his killer is unknown but could possibly by Ultranationalist, Colombian or a TF-141 Agent, the decision is left up to the player to decide.


Albus is voiced by Colombian Actor Mauricio Hénao who also supplied voices for members of the Colombian Drug Cartel

Albus is the first member of Puma Squadron to die

Huntsman and Albus have similar deaths. This is because Albus has a recycled animation from the death of Huntsman

Albus’s name translated into English translates as White

Albus has three white stars tattooed above his right hand

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