African WMD is the second level of Call of Duty: Secret War. The player controls Nick Williamson as his team attacks a Russian weapons testing site in Angola while looking for Dirk Samson.


Wiliams mans a minigun on a helicopter heading for the site. He begins to fire on targets on the ground below, including troops, tanks, and watchtowers. An enemy Hind attacks then, but Williams destroys it. Another Hind comes, and several damages the helicopter. They clear a landing pat and the helicopter lands. They make their way through a pathway to the facility. The fight through heavy resistance, and Williams destroys the main gates allowing the team inside. Their fight their way through a countyard and a vehicle depot. They breach a tank, and kill the remaining troops. Williams then uses the main gun to blow a hole in the wall.

The team enter the building through the hole and make their way through the lab. They clear through several labs and make it their to a staircase. They climb down the stairs into the prisoner corridor. They search each cell while fighting off guards. They get to Samson's cell, and find a hole carved into the wall. Williams climbs into investigate, and finds the tunnel leads to a forest. They find tire tracks heading away from the prison, but then Russian troops attack. They fend off the attacks until helicopters clear the rest of the Russians. They then get into a jeep and head down the track.

More jeeps come in follow them, and begin firing on the team. Williams fires back and has helicopter support. After destroying several jeeps a Hind comes and destroys the American helicopter. The Hind kills the jeeps driver. Williams takes control of the jeep and dodges helicopter rockets and bullets as well as other jeeps. They get to a clearing, and get into a waiting helicopter. Williams destroys the Hind and the helicopter continues the trail.

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