6th Airborne Logo

6th Airborne Logo

The British 6th Airborne is a faction of Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts and is one of the four factions of the game's multiplayer. They always fight the SS and appear on the maps Rhineland, Blizzard, Belgium, Forest, Factory, Bure, and Mountain Range. There announcer is Sgt. Maddock.


Put Jerry on the run. Start of Match.

Push them back! Start of Match

Enemy Scout in the Area. When the SS calls in a Scout killstreak.

Enemy Artillery Barrage Incoming! When the SS calls in an Artillery Barrage killstreak.

Enemy Stukas, incoming quickly! When the SS calls in a Aierial Assault killstreak.

Now that's how its done, boys! When the multiplayer match is won.

C'mon, put your back into it! When the multiplayer match is lost.

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