World War III


World War IV

2017 Europe protests

2017 Europe protests


July-September 2017



  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Others

German Resistance victory

  • Takes control of their government

US United States of America

UK Flag United Kingdom

Germany Germany

Czech Czech Republic


TF141 Task Force 141

Germany German Resistance

Czech Czech Resistance

Other opposition groups


UK Flag MacMillan (Baseplate)

Germany Chancellor of Germany

Czech President of the Czech Republic


TF141 John Price

Germany Heinz Murkel

Other opposition leaders


US United States Armed Forces

UK Flag Her Majesty's Armed Forces

Germany German Armed Forces

Czech Czech Armed Forces


TF141 John Price

TF141 Derek "Frost" Westbrook

TF141 Nikolai

Germany German Liberation Army

Czech Czech Resistance

Other protestors


This template was originally made at Halopedia, all credit is given to it. The 2017 Europe protests were a series of violent acts of rebellion against several countries.

Reasons For the WarEdit

"We lost so many in the past war. We will not lose any more. Foreigns had to help us. We should be one nation. We can't even pay for our damages of the Russo invasion. That is why I hereby denounce the Federale Republic of Germany. Please get out, our suffer the consequences of your decision. You will make your choice."
Heinz Murkel

The main reason for the war, is that the opposition thought that their respective governments were not strong enough, as seen in WW3. Other reasons included US involvement in their wars, economic depression, etc. It features in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Redemption.


Situation in GermanyEdit

Heavy Czech ResistanceEdit

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